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Jul 2004 :
ICANN's root DNS servers finally carrying IPv6 addresses. See here

The US DoD is to be fully IPv6 by 2008, see

I've set up a test NTP server on (3ffe:8001:5:2:a00:20ff:fe18:a87d). It's syncing from 3 IPv4 NTP servers and the Viaginie IPv6 stratum 1 server. If you want to use it, please send me an email so I can guage its usefulness. The server's running NTP 4. The server's running NTP 4. The server's running NTP 4.1.74, which supports IPv6 out of the box on Solaris 8.

Cisco releases commerical IPv6 support15th May, 2001

UE Comm offer first Australian Commercial IPv6 service 17 November, 2000

USAGI Project IPv6 for Linux first release, Nov 2000
BIND 9.0.0 FCS released, Sept 2000
ARIN Policy changes, the IPv4 crunch is coming. Sept 2000
Nokia adopts IPv6 for mobile Internet June 2000
Mozilla suports IPv6 in all builds from now on, May 2000
IPfilter 3.4 released, with IPv6 filtering, April 2000
Vint Cerf on talks about IPv6 rollout April 14th, 2000
Microsoft release a stack for NT5/win2000 March 20, 2000
BIND 9.0.0b2 released for public beta. Includes native IPv6 socket support. 28th March 2000
HP-UX IPv6 Developer's Kit version 1.1 for HPUX 11, search for IPv6 on the link. March 21st, 2000
Sendmail 8.10.0 released, with full IPv6 support. MArch 9th, 2000.

Cisco will be supporting IPv6 in IOS 12.1(5)T, scheduled for October 2000, on all IOS platforms except the high end C12000.

I have BIND 9.0.0b1 running on rollcage (Solaris 8ea). If you want to try it, set your resolver to ask 3ffe:8001:5:beef:a00:20ff:fe18:a87d for addresses. 7th Feb, 2000

BIND 9.0.0b1 released for public beta. Includes native IPv6 socket support. 5th Feb, 2000

Marc Blanchet's team ports Quake to IPv6 on Solaris 8, FreeBSD and NT, Jan 13th 2000

Sun release Solaris 8 FCS, including IPv6 support, Jan 2000

Rumour mill: Checkpoint Firewall-1 to support IPv6 in the next major (v5) release, Q4 2000 or Q1 2001

OpenSSH 1.2.1 pre26 released, supporting IPv6, confirmed ok under Solaris 8ea, 16 Jan 2000

US Government relaxes crypto laws, freeing up IPsec for export, Jan 12. 2000

MacOSX includes IPv6, Jan 200 0

Solaris 8 Early Access released, including native IPv6 support, Dec '99

Darren Reed releases a beta ipfilter for IPv6 for Solaris 8, see here to get your copy Dec '99

Sendmail 8.10.0 beta 6 released, with IPv6 support (and it works for Solaris 7 + 107788-01) Oct '99

IPv6-AU mailing list created, Octover 6th 1999, to subscribe, see the resources page for how to subscribe have been allocated official IPv6 address space and are offering it to their customers, as of early October 1999.

IPv6 discussed at the "30 years of the Interent" seminar. More info here

Tue Aug 24, 1999 - ISP in Japan is now offering a full commercial IPv6 service. See here for their announcement

Mon Aug 23, 1999 - Darren Reed claims that IPfilter will support IPv6 by the start of 2000.

Fri Aug 20, 1999 - The ISC will support IPv6 sockets (it already supports AAAA records etc) in BIND 9, which should be in beta release in October 1999.

Thu Jul 15, 1999 - The IANA has delegated the initial IPv6 address space to the regional registries in order to begin immediate worldwide deployment of IPv6 addresses. Full Story

NOTE There is a bug in Sun's IPv6 patch 107788-01 for Solaris 7 that relates to getaddrinfo(). It will only work on services that are defined in /etc/services. A bugreport has been submitted to, and Sun have informed me that they will be looking into fixing it in thier Solaris 8 code and the patch for Solaris 7.

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