System Administration Guide, Volume 3
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Overview of the Solaris IPv6 Implementation

As a part of the IPv4 to IPv6 transition, IPv6 specifies methods for encapsulating IPv6 packets within IPv4 packets, as well as IPv6 packets encapsulated within IPv6 packets. Consequently, a new module, tun(7M), which performs the actual packet encapsulation, has been added. This module, known as the tunneling module, is plumbed and configured using the ifconfig utility the same as any physical interface. It enables the pushing of the tunneling module between IP device and IP module. Tunneling devices also have entries in the system interface list.

The ifconfig utility was also modified to create the IPv6 stack and support new parameters, which are described in this chapter.

The in.ndpd daemon was added to perform router dicscovery and stateless address autoconfiguration.

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