System Administration Guide, Volume 3
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Chapter 2. Managing IPv6 Tasks

Table of Contents
Enabling IPv6 Nodes
Monitoring IPv6
Configuring IPv6 Over IPv4 Tunnels
Displaying IPv6 Name Service Information

This chapter provides procedures for enabling IPv6, IPv6 routers, configuring IPv6 addresses for DNS, NIS, and NIS+; creating tunnels between routers; running IPv6 additions to commands for diagnostics; and displaying IPv6 name service information.

This is a list of the step-by-step instructions in this chapter.

For conceptual information related to the procedures in this chapter see Chapter 1. For a high-level description of the related procedures in this chapter, see Enabling IPv6 Nodes Task Map, Monitoring IPv6 Task Map, and Displaying IPv6 Name Service Information Task Map.

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IPv6 Extensions to Solaris Name Services Enabling IPv6 Nodes