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Why climb? You need to ask?


My new baby ... bought her in May 2000. A red Honda VFR 800 Fi, History of the V4 Hondas, VFR riders pages. Bit of a step up from ....


ok, this isn't actually Turkeywing herself, but is the same bike, but with a black engine
She's a 1992 Honda CB750F2N, Here's what Honda have to say about her

I used to have a Chickenwing (Honda CB250RS, 1980) but in 1997 I was up in Sydney working, and needed to cheer myself up a bit, I'd seen CB750's around and loved the look of them, but it wasn't until the testride at Sydney City Motorcycles in North Sydney that I fell in love with this one, and had to get her and take her home with me.

Here's a portrait of her during a ride through Healsville (Myers Ck Rd). Here's me going to bed in a snowcave. Sexy pajamas....

And here's the home page of Mr Bevan Anderson, sometimes mountaineering partner, and good friend! - lots of excellent photos of his adventures, some of which I've been a part of!

Kitty Penfold at the World Masters Games 2002, images here!

Want to come for a ride?

We got aquainted during a ride out along the Putty Road with Jason Fearon and a few of his mates, where I first felt 100mph on a motorcycle (naked bike, that's a lot of wind!). Later that week I loaded her up with my laptop, bag and bits, and rode from Sydney down to Melbourne via Canberra and the Monaro Highway. At Goulbourn I had to stop off and get thicker gloves, it was August and was very very cold.

Chickenwing used to live at home after I got Turkeywing, one of my housemates (Rocketboy) bought her from me and is currently trying to kill himself whilst on his motorcycle "P"'s. He just traded her in for a red TRX850, it was sad to see the old girl go :(

During the day when I'm not mountaineering, riding, SCUBA diving or rallying I can be found selling my services via InfraSecure (abm Australasia) consulting services, doing UNIX and communications work, perl programming, and otherwise slacking off. In winter you'll find me cross-country ski-ing and snowcamping, and in summer rollerblading and ice skating, playing Ice Hockey for the "Sharks" at the Ringwood Ice Arena, when not taking Chilliwing for long rides along twisty roads!

I've also (finally!) started riding my pushbike in to work more often, and am proud owner of a Trek 1400 road bike. She's a ripper. I've named her 'Madam Lash' or the 'Lasher'. Cliche ... *shrug* I've lent my old hybrid to a mate who's using the old clunker for things like the Great Tassie Bike Ride, and my MTB gets used for fun stuff when I'm not training.

I'm racing pushbikes now too ... did my first road race at Crib Point on the 4th of May, and finished (D grade) in the top 10 from a pretty large field. I'm a member of Blackburn Cycling Club. So I'm now officially 'Roady Scum!'

On the weekend of 24-25 May 2003 I did the classroom component of the Cycling Australia Level 1 coaching accreditation. I did my supervised session on Monday 18th August 2003, so now I'm a cycle coach. If you're a roady or an MTB rider who wants to get started in racing, or already racing and not getting any coaching, maybe I can help? My coaching website is here

Want to know your heartrate training zones?

The the University of Sydney GI Website is very good for glycemic index data.

The new bike's serial number(s) is/are WTU 239010, TBT-0405, 6V119750

Here's my first race win, the D grade criterium at Glenvale on Sun Feb 2nd, 2003. Woo woo!
The race report is here

Photo copyright Photo : Malcolm Sawford

And the next crit at the same place I came last (finisher) ... misjudged a sprint and blew up ... learning experiences!

Photo copyright : Anne Johnstone

But! I won again at Glenvale on the 13th of April .. time to go up to C grade for crits ...

On Sat 7th April 2003 I convincingly won the Bayles road race (D grade), sprinting clear of the main bunch and winning by 50 metres or so, which was a season goal for 2003. The race report is here. Very pleased with the achievement, now I'm riding C grade!

And doing pretty well .... On the 21st of June 2003 I was part of a strong C grade bunch that ended up swamping all in front of us at the Sonny Barnes handicap (90km, Bayles, flat course) and finished 5th outright. Race report is here. 5th is in the money and on the podium for that race : photo. I won't mention the DNF at Modella Hilly the week before! ...

A few weeks after then I finished 5th again at a Winchelsea handicap. I completed the 2003 Melbourne to Warnambool cycle race (267km). My training programme for that event is here

In 2004, so far I've won the Winchelsea scratch race (C grade) on May 29th, and my biggest win to date, the 2004 Lenny Hammond handicap.

Riding in the 17 minute bunch (C grade). Here's the race report

I got 2nd in a crit in C grade on Sunday July 18, at Glenvale, by all of 1cm or so, the judges couldn't pick it (they thought I'd won it) but Wayne Flint was just able to get over before my front wheel. C'est la Vie!. Race report is here.

I also won the Dalmore Drive criterium on the 28th of August, after being in a 2 man break for about 10 or 15 minutes, we got caught with a few laps to go by a small chase group, but I took the kick for the finish by a healthy margin, taking the cash and a promotion to B grade.

And remember, Behind every cycle win is a woman on the sidelines cheering!

If you ride pushbikes, you should join Bicycle Victoria

There aren't enough hours in the day, and days in the weekend ...

So I'm also learning to fly! Lilydale airport was recommended to me by Bevan and so that's where I'm blowing my cash....

I don't think anyone uses my Alternative to the phonetic spelling alphabet.

Piper Warrior II (P28A) checklist

I flew my first solo on Wednesday the 6th of August, 2003. Woo woo!

Quite often we cook spitroasts ... The Toga Spitroast

Here's what happens when you fall over downhill ski-ing and break a few bits of your knee. I managed to do this (and a few other bits as well) when on a company ski trip to Mt Hotham in August 1996. That put paid to my rugby and just about anything that involves running. I've got a couple of titanium bits burried in my right knee that hold things together, here's what the orthopod who rebuilt it had to say about the operation. I've got a beauty of a scar out of it, but have to take anti-inflamatory stuff with me wherever I go and the chemist knows that Panadeine Forte is what I'm there for when I drop in. Can't say I'd recommend having one done for fun ....

But! I'd recommend TiSM for Fun!

And Space Moose! But be warned, Space Moose requires a robust sense of humour!

And, of course ... Team Oversteer for something to do when you feel like getting sideways.

Ever wonder how rock stars write songs? Here's how Alanis whiningset does hers.

When an old mate of mine was cheering me up when I was a little tacker, he gave me a copy of this poem. Thanks Dan!

What do you think about the drug problem? Here's what David Pennington has to say, and I reckon he's got a good perspective. I lived in Collingwood for 4 years, and that's junkie-central for Melbourne. Prohibition has not worked ... let's get smart, not dogmatic, in trying to reduce the harm.

I regularly go to Perth, visiting old mates, SCUBA diving, boozing ... and ice skating. There's two rinks over there, here's what I have to say about them.

Been to New Zealand? Seen Pulp Fiction? Read this!

When I'm old and rich, I'm going to open a restaurant somewhere, ideally in an old fire station, and serve the world's meanest chilli tucker. From my evil "stealthy popcorn" and incendary "napalm Salsa" through chilli and basil chicken and stirfry thai red currys, finishing off with (stolen from Charmaines) Chocolate chilli icecream.

I think I'll call it "Bleve's".

Here's a culinary photo of less taste, I've managed the Captain Americs's mega burger in 15 minutes. Hmmmm ...

here's a bunch of pictures for your amusement.

Here's my PGP 5.0 keys

The drive chain for motorcycle. Which is always used under severe conditions. Is required superior performance approved by motorcycle manufacturers. We are now ready to offer you the most suitable "Professional" line of D.I.D motorcycle chains with the highest technology and the long experience as the biggest original chain supplier in the world.
From the cover of a D.I.D motorcycle chain box

GPS is nifty stuff! Get NTP to keep your clocks right while you're at it.

Ever heard of RAME?
And ... TeraTerm supports SSH and is a brilliant winbdoze terminal emulator (free!)

Speaking of Chairman Billware, and other viruses, the most annoying is the hoax via email one ...

And, don't send me badly formatted email!. I'll just delete it unread.

VNC is a very useful cross-platform X server system. Highly recommended.

Australian owned foods! Support Dick Smith, he's doing a very good thing.


Tucked away where no-one will see it! My views on meeting people over the Internet
Know your System Administrator

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crosswinds, anyone?

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