Sideways? I think so ....

Born in Seymour, Victoria, in 1971, a _bad_ year for the world!

And at "work" :)

flat out Driving the duck

I work in a library

It's Fun .... :) Exept they use Macs and PCs, fortunatly, however, there's UNIX here, which is just as well (it's even BSD-ish, SunOS 4.1.x, the last of the real O/S's), we've got some slowaris 2.x machines, that I'd rather not talk about, 4.1.3's on _my_ desktop!

I'm also currently backup systems programmer for UWA's Computing service provider, UCS. Looking after the campus DNS, main email server, routers etc when Toivo's on holidays. Makes a CV look pretty good, but sometimes it's pretty hard to balance the load from UCS and my real job (running the library's systems). Still, I love the *POWER*

A little background

I studied at Melbourne University, making slow and unsteady progress through a degree in Chemical Engineering. This was not to be my destiny! During that time I started "fooling around" with UNIX at the Dept of Engineering Computer Resources, or DECR, for short, and drifted into duty programming (to the increasing detriment of my studies!). After some work at DECR, I started also working at the Institute of Applied Economic and Social Research (IAESR) at Melbourne University faculty of Economics, where I ran the now forgotten but still notorious montebello, and did some systems programming for some public access menus (see the programme bl_menu3, as a useful side-product of that work.

Then I discovered Libraries! The Giblin Research Library was the first victim. A "rogue" library at Melbourne university, as yet still resisting the clutches of the mighty Baillieu, they hired me to do various PC and networking tasks. Continuing from there, UWA Library was a natural progression. And do they regret it? Probably :)

Sadly, however, I had to drop the Chem Eng studies, but commenced studying a BCM (Bachelor of Computing & Mathematical Sciences) which is part of the UWA Engineering faculty, so I can keep the flannel shirts yet ... :) I've just done Comp-Sci 230-201, Data Structures, which was dull, mandatory and in puscal... I should have used c2p :), last year, CS230-206, computer systems programming, was a piece of cake ... still, easy marks are always good to have :).

Current projects :

Hobbies/habits :

Joe Cool at the office *grin*

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