Ice Skating in Perth

This is the text of an email I sent to the sharks mailing list about my trip to Perth in Jan 1999

I just got back from 10 days in Perth, and had a few skates whilst over there...

There's 2 rinks, one in Mirrabooka, and one in Bibra Lake, the Bibra Lake one is only about a year old, and Mirrabooka is about 10 years old, they're both very good, although the ice at Mirrabooka is a bit thin (you can see the cooling pipes). They must have very good cooling plants, because neither of them had any melting, even though it was 30+ degrees outside. Bibra Lake was very bright, it has sunlight through transparent roofing, and was 10 degrees inside, but no ice melting, and good hard ice.

I didn't see any games while there, but did do about 5 public sessions, and they play games at both rinks ... the wisdom of which I was concerned about.

Both rinks played Brittish Bulldog (tag, not throw onto the ground, but still dangerous), and the Bibra Lake rink plays ice hockey during sessions, no pads, no gloves, no helmets, no referees .... Despite my concern as to the wisdom or otherwise of this practice, I played (and got my first goals during a "game", kinda easy against plebs!). I hope they have good liability insurance. Oh, Shannon, yes, I did knock some of them over, but only because they skated into me! It was quite dangerous, kids playing in figure skates etc, some of the smart arses doing slapshots (badly ...).

There doesn't seem to be many people playing over there, but I think that might change now they have 2 rinks, and the quality of the rinks is very good indeed.

Costs : 

Mirrabooka : $8.45 per session, + $3.55 for skate hire
Bibra Lake : $9 per session, + $4 for skate hire