27m sub and breakers reef, June 5th 1999

On Saturday I had 2 dives ...

the first, the 27m submarine (one of the three J class subs sunk outside the heads, off Pt Lonsdale). *Fantastic*

It's broken just behind the torpedo room, giving about a 1m gap, and we swam through, you can see the torpedo tubes etc. Then we swam around the other side and over the conning tower, where the hull is open and you can see down into the control room etc, and can get right inside (I'm not wreck qualified so I stayed outside). Got about 17 minutes before we had to start te ascent. Excellent!

After about 40 minutes all up, because of the conditions (big northerly, no swell) we went in to a reef just off Collendina (ocean dive) that was in the lew of the wind, and dived there.

Crayfish alley.

I have never seen so many crays in my life! Do you think I could catch any of the buggers though?!!!! Gear off, wedged into a crack, *just* managed to grab a horn, but the buggers break off!

Seriously they were over a foot long, of the 10 of us diving the spot, we caught one cray, and it was *huge*. At least 20cm of tail alone.

Amazing spot ... but you can't dive it very often (thus the huge numbers of crays ...) because it's a surf bomby and if there's any swell running you can't dive it. There's always a swell running ... except on a few days a year.