Eliza Ramsden wreck, May 23rd 1999

Lots of people have tried to dive on the Ramsden, but because she's sunk in the south shipping channel and is close to the heads, meaning that not only is it a slack water only dive, but it's also not usable when there's shipping around, often circumstance conspires to force divers to go elsewhere.

Which makes this even more special!

I was buddied with Lisa from the William Anglis course, and we shot down to 24m and explored the wreck, loads of fish, and a very interesting wreck indeed.

I had a bit of a cold, but had no equalising problems (yes, I checked first!) but did go through rather a lot of air, with a dive time of only about 20 minutes before hitting our arranged start-to-ascend limit (70bar we'd agreed on). I don't think Lisa was disapointed at the short duration, I think she was bloody cold!

Highly recommended, this ia s ripper dive if you can get the right circumstances.