Ozone Wreck, May 8th 1999

Neil Walker & I were going to do a couple of dives with Ocean Divers, the wreck of the Hurricane and Rubens Reef, but there was a big westerly blowing, and it was canned.

Looking at the map, a westerly means shelter on the western side of the bay ... anything interesting as a shore dive? Hell yes!

We decided to take a quizz at the wreck of the Ozone, a paddle steamer sunk as a breakwater just off St Leonards. It's in about 3m, has stuff visable above the surface, and there's another wreck just next to it. Not a bad little way to spend an afternoon ...

It's also a very easy shore dive, at this time of year there was no-one there, and we parked right next to the beach, which was grassy, so not too much sand to contend with afterwards, and there was taps to rinse gear with!

We spent 64 minutes exploring the wrecks, and had a bit of a swim out too see if there was anything interesting further out, taking our max depth to 4.3m.

Saw a few rays, and lots of puffer & toadfish, and a butterfish amongst the old bits of metal. Quite an interesting dive, I think it would be a great night dive.

Dive No.10LocationOzone Wreck
Date8th May 1999Time18:30
Typeshore dive (Wreck)Bottom time to date6:03
Time this dive0:54
Cumulative time6:57
Pressure Group-Pressure Group -
Max depth5.2
Bottom Time0:54
Air in (bar)190Air out (bar)50
Air temp (C)15Water Temp (C)14
Visibility (m)2-4BuddyNeil Walker