Portsea Night dive, April 24th 1999

This was the thried dive of my PADI AOWD course, and was a night dive at Portsea Pier. Normally this would be a bit of a *yawn* dive, but we got rather lucky ...

We must have seen 12 leafy sea dragons, one *huge* butterfish in the weeds, a big cuttlefish, the underside of a big squid boat, lots of little squid, baby schnapper and flathead. Lots of fish were out that night!

Vis was excellent, all day it'd been great, and this time was no exception.

My new torch worked well, unlike the "old" (bought 2 weeks previously!) one which filled with water and died. Shonky o-rings ... The semidry continues to please me. It was 15 degrees in the water and about 10 in the air, and I wasn't in the least cold.

Great dive!

Dive No.10LocationPortsea Pier
Date24th April 1999Time18:30
Typeshore nightdiveBottom time to date6:03
Time this dive0:54
Cumulative time6:57
Pressure Group-Pressure Group -
Max depth5.2
Bottom Time0:54
Air in (bar)140Air out (bar)70
Air temp (C)10Water Temp (C)15
Visibility (m)10BuddyMichael Houlahan