Rye Scallop Drift, April 4th 1999

This was my first "real" dive (unassisted by Lorro or during a course), and it was a ripper! I went out with the Ocean Divers club in the R Wayne Harmes, at 3.30 in the afternoon from Sorrento Pier. The boat took us to a mudflat about 300m offshore from Rye/Arthur's Seat, in 12m.

I was buddied with Jane Bowman, who was on nitrox (or at least had a nitrox sticker on her tank), and we descended with 5 other divers and drifed along the bottom, grabbing scallops as we sailed overhead.

I was down for 40 minutes, on an 88cft tank (started at 240bar, ended at 50bar on the surface), and must have got about 60 or so scallops! There was heaps of them down there. Since scallop dredging has been banned the sea floor is recovering well, and you'd never have known we'd been there, there were so many scallops!

We BBQ'd some of them, then I dropped a stack off at my Dad's place in Baxter, and gave the rest to my lift home (thanks Amy!). Great dive!