Carl's diving toys

Uwatec "Dominator" BC
DiveRite Transpac II with REC wings
Sonar "Abyss" 5/7mm semidry wetsuit
Oceanic "prototype" 7mm neoprene drysuit
Wavelength 3mm "steamer" wetsuit
Apollo BioFin "eco" briliant fins!
Apollo Prestige mask (now in the spare mask pocket ...)
Cressi-sub Big-Eyes mask (a ripper! Try one ... they're superb)
Delta purgeing schnorkel
Tabata schnorkel
Steel 100cf oxygen cleaned SCUBA tanks 
	FABER 99/9459/132 & FABER 99/9459/145
	Specs :
		3/4 NPSM WAP 18482
		B55045/1/01/S TP 358 BAR OP 232 BAR 15C 12.2 L WT 13.3 KG
		ie: 12.2L * 232 BAR = 2830.4L/100.0cf (1 cf = 28.3 L)
DiveRite 300 BAR DIN manifold
Peter Cronin twin tank bands, attachment
Apollo Kevlar dive gloves
Aqualung hardsole booties
Aqualung 3mm lined hood with skirt
Alpha 2000 dive lamp
SL4 dive torch
Swatch "ice diver" 200m diving watch - busted .. don't get one of these, not very robust
Reflex large catchbag
Tusa mini diveknife, blunt tip
Safety sausage
5m SMB
PADI deluxe datacarrier
Sherwood Oasis reg (sn A609064 srb5700) & Occy (sn W572108)
Oceanic Alpha 7 (sn 91031890) and CDX (sn 0200940)
When I dive twins, I use the Sherwood on a 2m hose and the Alpha7 on a short hose for my two regs
Genesis Nitrox ReSource computer, SPG & compass.  the ReSource Nitrox is a Rodales Best buy