My CHDI experience - September 1999

The week of the 20th - 24th September 1999 was a particularly good one, I was enrolled in the CHDI Ice Hockey school, that I'd had a small part in organising. This page is a bit of my story about it.

For a few months Michael Power from the CHDI had been in touch with me about setting up and running an Ice Hockey school in Melbourne and Sydney, and I'd passed on as much as I could about the way it works here, rink contacts, VIHA people, that kind of thing.

The week itself was excellent. I'm an old dog trying to learn some new tricks, which is never easy, and of the 12 or so people doing the school with me, quite a few were late starters to the game of ice hockey.

This meant that the course would be aimed more at strategic and support play than learning basic skating skills, but would also encompass them. You can't play hockey unless you can skate!

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