Team Oversteer wins PRC1 in the Begonia Rally

But not without incident ...

On Saturday the 25th of September Team Oversteer's fitful campaign in the 1999 VRC continued. A quick summary :
On SS4 I rolled the car down an embankment, a right hander got a bit slippery and we slid across it, before doing a quick 360 degree roll, landing on our wheels.

After getting out and placing the triangles, Paul and I, with the help of some spectators, managed to push and drive Rallyus back onto the road, and finish the stage, dropping around 10 minutes.

Normally, such a loss of time would mean no chance of a class win, but with the other cars in our class failing to finish, we had to make sure we go in without running out of late running time.

We managed to complete the rest of the event without major incident, and without running out of time, and took the 9 points for the win in PRC1.

Copyright Carl Brewer
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